>China Struggles With Diversity


An interesting article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, which hopefully will get some traction.

Lou Jing is a 20 year old mixed race (Chinese/Black) Chinese woman who was competing on a Pop Idol style show in Shanghai. Her participation has caused the Chinese public and the Chinese media to look at its own biases towards skin colour.

Reading stories like this often make me take a look at how do I feel as a Black American-Australian.* I came to this country with the preconceived notion that I would stick out severely. I didn’t think of that as a problem—(I’m from Wisconsin!)—but I was prepared for it. Surprisingly, I found Sydney to be extremely diverse. Every day I see people of all shades, including my own, many of whom with an Australian accent to boot.

* An awkward description, but the only one I can think of. According to the last Australian census in 2006 there are 11,798 Australians of African American descent out of a total of 71,718 American-Australians.

Courtesy of YouTube here is a clip of Lou Jing’s appearance on Go! Oriental Girl.


Hopefully she will eventually be able to fulfil her dreams and revolutionise her country’s self-perception at the same.


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  1. Anonymous · November 13, 2009

    >the somewhat tortured construct of "black american-australian" reminds me of a joke that comedienne sarah silverman told a few years ago…she starts off by saying that her ultra liberal jewish sister will marry an ultra liberal jewish man. they're so liberal that sarah's sister is going to hyphenate her surname (instead of merely adopting her husband's surname) – and her husband is going to do the same (so that he will also adopt his wife's surname). so, according to sarah, the happy couple will be known as the "silverman-abramowicz's." but then sarah adds that "the new name is kinda long and so they're thinking about shortening it to just 'jews'."

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