>It’s Summer, Really it is


I’m rather surprised that my body clock is completely fine with the fact that it is Summer, as long as I manage to avoid any media that does the Christmas = Winter connection.

It does help that for the most part Australian television is pretty much in repeat/low expectations mode until the new year. Down here, the ratings season ends for 10 weeks during Summer and the networks just don’t bother for the most part: Seven goes for Kiwi realty with Borderline and Border Patrol (which are basically Border Security outside the airport and inside the airport respectively), Ten is running a mix of Kiwi and USA Network shows, and Nine is just being Nine.

On the political front, however, there’s been a bucket load of changes: Malcolm Turnbull got kicked out of the Liberal leadership by grinning, Speedo-wearing Conservative Tony Abbott (who pretty much is the Australian Stockwell Day), and Nathan Rees got booted out of the New South Wales premiership by an American-Australian Kristina Keneally. The Australian press swears up and down that her American accent is prominent, but to me she just sounds like a posh Australian (Think Kerri-Anne Kennerley).

Then again, I wouldn’t really notice her accent, would I?


One comment

  1. Anonymous · December 6, 2009

    >i love that description… she sounds like a posh australian.

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