>Backpackers versus Homeowners: The Coming Storm


Being Australia’s most populous city (although Melbourne & Brisbane are catching up) and most popular (ditto) destination for tourists, Sydney manages to amble along with a heady mix of residents and visitors. For the most part, the two groups tend to stay out of each other’s way, although remain keenly aware of their symbiotic existence.

Unlike many cities in the US, for example, Sydney does cater for the long-term leisure visitor. It makes sense: if you’ve travelled literally halfway around the world, you would want to make the most of the visit and not stay for just a week or two. Yet, the long term visitors have often rubbed the permanent residents the wrong way.

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald gives a glimpse into one skirmish, which could possibly change Sydney’s accommodating attitudes towards tourists.

Mind you, on a completely personal level, I wouldn’t get a thrill out of living in a campervan, showering in public, and eating on the beach.

That probably explains why I won’t be working for Lonely Planet anytime soon.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · December 27, 2009

    >i can't imagine there are large enough numbers of tourists living out of hired vans to make things in the eastern suburbs so unpleasant as to require the local councils to get involved.

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