>Jukebox of the Year: The Nominations


Much like when the Oscars/Emmys/Golden Globes are announced, I am up at some ungodly hour so that it can be broadcast at 8:30 Eastern time…in this particular case, that means Australian Eastern Time. (Psych.)

Apologies for the weak humour, but what would a nomination announcement be without one leaden joke.

Anyway, the nominees for Japanese Jukebox of the Year are:

Kumi Koda – Show Girl

Saori@Destiny – WOW WAR TECHNO

Oshiri Kajiri Mushi (the bottom biting bug)

w-inds – New World

So that’s show girls, sensory overload, bum-biting bugs, and w-inds making a dance army out of an after-hours club. Sorted.

The nominees for Eurovision Jukebox of the Year:

Sukkerchok – Det’ det (from this year’s Danish MGP)

Jahn Teigen & Inger-Lise Rypdal – Voodoo (from the 1976 Norwegian MGP)

Svetlana Loboda – Be my Valentine! (Anti-crisis Girl) (from this year’s Eurovision)

Sakis Rouvas – This Is Our Night (also from this year’s Eurovision)

Surprisingly, this was a tough category to call, particularly with the Eurovision final entries. Still, Sakis showing nipple and the let’s-throw-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Ukrainian entry pipped poor Zoli Adok and dramatic Patricia Kaas to the post.

A new category this year, the American Jukebox of the Year, which will feature one song that hasn’t actually made it to the jukebox, but acknowledges that the Jukebox isn’t entirely in a vacuum.

BoA – Energetic

Destiny’s Child – Lose My Breath (Live at Music Fair 21)

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

The Juan Maclean – Happy House

Yes, the Gaga got in, even though she has never appeared on the Jukebox. (You have to have some controversy with an awards show.) Mind you, the competition is pretty rough, and interestingly, Beyonce & Co. are probably the weakest. (If Single Ladies was released this year, it could’ve been a contender, but it wasn’t.) Also, since BoA’s album was targeted at the American market, it counts in the American category.

Finally, the nominees for Australian/New Zealand Jukebox of the Year are:

Bluejuice – Broken Leg

Empire of the Sun – Without You

Empire of the Sun – We Are The People

Ladyhawke – Back of the Van

More controversy here as Without You and Back of the Van never appeared on the Jukebox, but both songs had killer videos…and the category needed padding. The Jukebox had to close ranks here, because if it completely represented the local charts, it would be Empire of the Sun versus the Guy Sebastian juggernaut, and I just would not allow that to happen.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · December 30, 2009

    >all fine selections. my faves are:japanese jukebox = oshiri kajiri mushi (i still find myself singing the title in the same flat buzz as the song)eurovision jukebox = svetlana loboda (a song so mindlessly entertaining that i still feel like i've been loboda-mized)american jukebox = lady gaga (the video is visually arresting, and the song isn't half bad)oz/nz jukebox = catherine ashton (the newly appointed foreign minister of the e.u., who shocked everyone by getting that post — she just keeps popping up in unexpected places and beating out all the competition)

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