>The Jukebox of the Year 2009


Welcome to Jukebox of the Year, coming this year from Australia. First, the opening act.


Not expecting that, eh?

Our first Jukebox is the American Jukebox of the Year. The nominees are:

  • BoA – Energetic
  • Destiny’s Child – Lose My Breath (Live at Music Fair 21)
  • The Juan Maclean – Happy House
  • Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

The winner is:


Gaga nearly got it, but it’s just not her year on the Jukebox yet. Besides, the record sales are good consolation.

The next Jukebox is Eurovision Jukebox of the Year.

The nominees are:

  • Inger-Lise Rypdal & Jahn Teigen – Voodoo (live at the Norwegian MGP 1976)
  • Sakis Rouvas – This is Our Night (Live at Eurovision 2009)
  • Sukkerchok – Det’det (live at the Danish MGP 2009)
  • Svetlana Loboda – Be my Valentine! (Anti-crisis Girl) (Live at Eurovision 2009)

The winner is:


While Sakis showed nipple, Svetty and her male dancers did everything to recreate Pride Night at the Eagle onstage in Moscow. Add in nonsensical lyrics and pyrotechnics, and Sakis being coy stood no chance.

And now the interval:


Actually, Lady Gaga could probably do a good cover of it.

Now, our third Jukebox of the Year is Japanese.

The nominees are:

  • Kumi Koda – Show Girl
  • Oshiri Kajiri Mushi
  • Saori@destiny – WOW WAR TECHNO
  • w-inds. – New World

The winner is:


Never underestimate the appeal of a cheeky comedy song.

And now, as the punters start getting antsy and full of VB & Toohey’s, here is the Australasian Jukebox of the Year.

The nominees are:

  • Bluejuice – Broken Leg
  • Empire of the Sun – We Are The People
  • Empire of the Sun – Without You
  • Ladyhawke – Back of the Van

The winner is:


Now this was a major upset. Empire of the Sun had the odds in their favour, and Ladyhawke fought the good Kiwi fight, but alas, it was for naught as Bluejuice took them all out.

And now, let’s close this year’s Jukebox with a clip from an opening ceremony.


Have a wild, energetic, anti-crisis, thrilling 2010 and whatever we wind up calling the coming decade. (Are we even in agreement of the Noughties?)



  1. Anonymous · December 31, 2009

    >that was fun!but a "cheeky" comedy song?!? bad puns really chap my ass.

  2. Anonymous · December 31, 2009

    >and happy new year!

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