>It’s All Rather Quiet Down Here


This is a rather interesting time of year down here. Interesting in the fact that the nation (at least in terms of television) has effectively gone on hiatus.

The hiatus makes sense as for the Australian networks this is equivalent to August in the US (although I meteorologically it’s July), in that the ratings season starts next month and it’s time to just slowly tease the audience into watching the new slate of shows.

Unfortunately, unlike the US, the Australian networks aren’t too big on getting experimental over Summer, so the only highlight has been the latest season/series of Outrageous Fortune on Ten and Seven’s slipping in the Kiwi answer to Border Security (which is actually performing quite well).

News-wise, the B teams are doing everything to make every single story AS BIG AS POSSIBLE, emphasising some of the most tenuous Australian (or in a pinch Kiwi) links as a way of justifying the hype.

Meanwhile, if you talk to the average Australian on the street it’s “Cricket. Tennis. Cricket. Tennis. Cricket. Tennis,” with Australia playing Pakistan on Nine, and a slew of high-profile tennis matches on Seven.

I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone at Ten has a series of “Crickness” promos ready to air at some point.

Please, please, please bring on February.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · January 14, 2010

    >more and more, it's becoming "quaint" to watch television programmes during their original broadcast hours.

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