>New Look Sunrise is Old Look Today


Not the one with Karl Stefanovic, but the US one…which happens to air 90 minutes before Sunrise.

Much hype was made about the new Sunrise that was launched today, and I don’t quite know what to make of it.

Good Changes

  • The main desk doesn’t look so crowded.
  • Poor Fifi Box won’t be terrorised by well…nearly everything, since she’s now the entertainment editor.

Bad Changes

  • Take the sodding ties off the men. You can be relaxed and serious. The male anchors all look like undertakers.
  • Grant Denyer is back? Has Canberra passed a new law requiring all commercial breakfast shows to employ weathermen with Napoleonic measurements?
  • Despite all the hullabaloo about hiring the same set designer that did the Martha Stewart Show, The Daily Show, and the CBS Early Show, all they got with the new set was the old set from The Today Show (US).
  • The new logo is also pretty much a knock off of the Today Show (US).
  • The word “family” is slipping in a little bit too frequently in reference to the main four (five, if you count Grant Bonaparte) anchors. The second I hear ”Australia’s first family,” I will scream.

Now, new Sunrise has had only one day out on the trot, so perhaps it will find its own Australian flow, but honestly, I think they’d do better to resurrect The Big Breakfast/Arvo and set up shop over at Eveleigh.

Or at least get those damn ties off, it’s not mourning television.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · January 25, 2010

    >mourning television! good one!

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