>An A for Effort


Apparently LGBT Australians have 85 new law reforms, which include carer’s leave in the advent of you or your partner becoming sick, the addition of same sex partners to be listed on their respective Medicare cards, and the incorporation of same sex couples into the new de facto partner visa.

These are all good and publicised on the website wearitwithpride.com.au,which is the major component in a multimedia campaign to inform the public about the reforms.

I’m quite cool with getting the information out, in fact it definitely needs to be publicised.

The only thing leaving me a bit strange? Part of the PR campaign involves a pop song. (Admittedly a good one by a decent artist: Natalie Bassingthwaite)

My generation (1979 births are Generation X here in Australia) is one of the last ones to have grown up with heavy anti-Soviet propaganda. Now, it may just be my own age talking but, a pop song to celebrate legal reforms seems a bit…


Not to mention…


Yet ultimately, it’s not the hardcore propaganda that I grew up with (on both sides of the US/Soviet Bloc divide or Sane US/Insane US divide of the GWB years), it’s just a cute, smart way of reaching as many Australians as possible.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · January 28, 2010

    >to be effective, propaganda must not be perceived as being such. unfortunately, almost all of it escapes notice.

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