>Get your kit off, Grant


We absolutely looooove Grant Denyer over at this corner of the internet.

And only Grant “unintentionally offensive racial comment” Bonaparte did show some skin for Spencer Tunick’s nude art installation (for Mardi Gras) today at the Sydney Opera House.

Over on Today, Steve “Bonaparte”* Jacobs just gawked at the nude bodies and looked awkward. Mind you, he is just coming off of compassionate leave after his father’s death, so I can understand the awkwardness completely.

*Australian breakfast television shows seem to have requirement that their weathermen be below average height.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · March 1, 2010

    >i've long felt that there is something "gimmicky" about tunick's art (and i use that term loosely) — much like the work of christo and jeanne-claude, which is mostly about the spectacle of putting an enormous project in place and less about the intrinsic esthetic value of it. and my opinion is reinforced by the way cities around the world fall all over themselves trying to get these "artists" to use local fixtures as props. in short, hard rock cafe t-shirts are to tourists what tunick, christo and jeanne-claude are to world cities.

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