>The Devils from Down Under


Now here’s an interesting critique: Live Performance Australia is complaining that an SBS documentary is “an error in judgement.”

The reason why? Well, the documentary in question, Angels in New York, follows the two Australian creators behind the musical Angels who fly to New York, flanked by a film crew, audition 1500 actors, and hire crew even though they don’t have one bit of the $16 million needed to put the show on.

Live Performance’s complaint is that the doco makes Australian theatre production and producers look bad. Via The Australian:

Australian productions and producers have fought really hard to win the respect of American producers and investors. America is the home of the musical and we’re reliant on the flow of productions and funds to create musicals here. Why a government-funded authority would support a program that inadvertently undermines our industry and focuses on negative aspects of it when there are so many positive stories to be told (escapes me)…If a group of American producers came to Australia and replicated what I’ve seen on TV so far, Australia’s musical theatre industry would be up in arms.

Meanwhile, SBS gives a very good “let them eat cake” response:

It’s not our job to judge whether those dreams are realistic…They [The creators of Angels] attracted the work of some good people in New York and good luck to them.

The documentary is part of SBS’s Secrets and Lies series.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · March 4, 2010

    >that seems eerily similar to my idea of a documentaty about americans with $16 million pretending to be interested in staging the theatrical work of australian writers.

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