>Is there a connection between Gen-X & Koalas?


For no other reason than I just found this a funny trip down nostalgia lane, here are two articles (c. 2001- 2002) from a site called Progressive Boink that compare and contrast two stalwarts of Nick Jr.’s old lineup: The Noozles and The Adventures of the Little Koala.

Dripping in classic Gen-X ironic detachment, the first article compares and contrasts the two shows*, while the second focuses in on The Noozles and the show’s trippy comment on police states.

* I actually quite liked David the Gnome, though Maya the Bee worked my preteen nerves.

It would only be fair to close out this nostalgic trip down Cartoon Koala Lane with some opening sequences.

The syrupy sweet original Japanese opening to The Adventures of the Little Koala:


The equally sacchrine (and slightly aggrivating) opening to the English dubbed version of The Noozles:


Surprisingly, Australia got into the animated Koala TV cartoon game late (1993), despite having the original Koala-as-children’s character, Blinky Bill:


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