>Kerri-Anne: Subversive Morning Television?


One of the upsides of my work schedule down here is that I do get to watch Kerri-Anne in the morning.

She is the archetypical lady-who-lunches/Liberal Party voter.

I am not.

Yet, what makes the show work for me is that you get the impression that she is basically just trying to entertain herself before she can hit the champagne down by Sydney Harbour.

To put it bluntly, she don’t care, and it’s television gold.

Here she gets then-Workplace Relations minister Joe Hockey to act like Shrek.


KAK and drag racing don’t mix.


It’s not quite the booze-and-whinge fest that is the last hour of the Today Show(US)*, but it certainly is entertaining.

* Seven doesn’t know what they’re missing by not airing that.


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