>Sunday Jukebox Says “Only You Can Save the Quartet”


Continuing the trip down nostalgia lane, let’s take in a couple of clips from the quartet Circus.

First off, the very AM friendly Mr. Summertime. (This is their performance at Kouhaku 1978.)

American Feeling was the theme song that JAL (back when they weren’t haemorrhaging money) had for their COME TO AMERICA ‘79 campaign. This likely explains why this mob are pretending they are planes soaring above the clouds. (For some reason it reminds me mostly of the musical clips on The Great Space Coaster.)


Since the revival of boy bands and girl groups in the mid-to-late 1990s, the quartet has been a bit of a dying breed. Pop music seems to favour every combination except for four (bands excepted)…and mixed-gender groups (bands excepted)? Not outside of children’s television, thank you very much.

Bonus: Watch the Mr. Summertime clip again, and follow it up with the Turkish entry at Eurovision 1978.

If you’re thinking here comes a Eurovision retrospective, then you’d be right. That was the first of four quartet related clips.

This last one is a personal favourite of mine. It’s nonsensical and Gemini manage to the trick of harmonising while also looking stunned. (How those sleeves managed to not hit the two male members is a miracle.)

The quartet hasn’t died at Eurovision, but it’s a definite endangered species.

What is it about present-day pop groups having 3, 5, or 6 members anyway?

Ok, just the soothe >4 beast, here’s one another Eurovision quartet clip.

And Circus performing Mr. Summertime in the 1990s, smooth jazz style.

Won’t you please save the quartet?


One comment

  1. Anonymous · April 10, 2010

    >well, the black eyed peas is one recent mixed-gender pop music quartet that's had commercial success.

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