>The Labour Day Post


As in International…which is not a holiday here in NSW (they celebrate it in September). Still, it deserves to be honoured.

Australian rant: Labor under Kevin Rudd is like Labour under Tony Blair, except Kev has no personality. Every day we are presented with Kev telling us how well-off we are, how desirable Australia is as a destination, and how we manage to have close to zero unemployment. The latter I, and many other people down here have come believe, is a crock. Yes, indeed we have lots of jobs advertised, but only because they are legally supposed to, never mind that the position has long since been filled. So Kev, I ask you on this day that we celebrate Labour, that you look at your party’s name and see if you can do something about cracking down hard on HR. Seriously Kev, because we’re really doubting those employment figures.

American rant: Really, I have nothing to complain about. I guess if I was full-time resident, I would, but I don’t. More jobs, maybe?

Global rant: Dubai is getting its comeuppance, and that is good. Greece is realising the value of hard yakka. Bastard Steven Harper is still in power in Canada. Ditto John Key in NZ, but can anyone ever really swing right in NZ?

Anyway, here is the L’internationale.


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  1. Anonymous · May 1, 2010

    >happy labor day

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