>Is It International Foot-In-Mouth Day?


As a journalist, I am all for people being free to say what they want whenever they want.

Yet, sometimes I honestly wonder if people realise exactly what they are saying.

Today, an AFL player claims he’s gay-positive but thinks it is not the right time for AFL players to come out (via the ABC).

Quite frankly, after all the AFL scandals over the past year and into this year (ranging from drug abuse to well…Brendan Fevola), the best public relations move the AFL could do right now would be to have a player come out.

And hopefully this publicly out player will not wait till the end of his career to say so.



One comment

  1. Anonymous · May 20, 2010

    >exactly what does he mean by "homoerotic activities [that] are normal inside footy clubs?"

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