>Eurovision Week: The Hope for The Semi-Finals


In a few hours, Eurovision 2010 officially starts in Euroland, and while the international sing-along is going on, I’m going to be asleep, and doing my damndest to not find out the results until Friday & Saturday.

Now, this year has been a bit of a challenge as there’s—well—a lot of dross, shall we say. Two years (2007 & 2008) of ballad winners and all of a sudden, everyone decides to start sending dirges in 2010. Why?!

Since this crop of songs has a lot of rocks and few diamonds, I’m just going to sort out the Qualifying Round songs into what I hope qualifies and what I’m indifferent or dislike.

Hope to qualify (in no particular order of preference)

  1. Moldova (Catchy and chaotic, without sounding like a train wreck.)
  2. Romania (Catchy as hell, and very slick. Romania does Eurovision dance very well.)
  3. Switzerland (Still reminds me of The Mysterious Cities of Gold opening theme.)
  4. Denmark (it’s overblown, yes, but after re-watching the performance from the DMGP, I’m impressed and daresay like it)
  5. Portugal (I don’t know if she can bring the crazy, but if she can, it’ll be worth it, and I can’t be help but think Portugal is a dark horse this year.)
  6. Finland (cute and charming)
  7. Iceland (it’s a subdued dance number, but that might work for once.)
  8. Turkey (It’s a water-downed version of the 2008 entry, but still likeable.)
  9. Slovenia (see Finland, though I’d still like it if Slovenia would finally send Alya at some point.)
  10. Slovakia (see Finland)
  11. Albania (the Australian press are suggesting that the song borrows heavily from Donna Summer. I don’t see that, but “it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.”)
  12. Greece (see Albania, strangely enough.)
  13. The Netherlands (Defiantly and unabashedly kitsch.)

Checking Eurovision.tv, I have apparently selected 7 from Semi-Final 1, and 6 from Semi-Final 2, without trying to divide them by respective night. Might that bode well for some of the 13?

I think The Netherlands is the only real long shot here, but you can never underestimate the power of kitsch over both the jury and the televoter.

Back into Eurosong Blackout go I.



  1. Anonymous · May 25, 2010

    >i'm curious to hear about the hosts. please address their antics in a future post.

  2. Runar · May 27, 2010

    >Eager for your take so far. Filipa didn't bring the crazy as hoped but was mighty by voice and poise. Good on Portugal, another final although the ballads are thick on the ground this year.

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