>The Theme Song Nominees for Pride 2010


Believe it or not—and in the Northern Hemisphere it probably is more plausible—Pride comes this Sunday.

Down here however, it’s quite nippy with frequent showers. Plus we have a new PM (an atheist, unmarried-but-partnered, childless PM! Take that, Abbott!)

I remain hopeful that Julia was merely toeing the party line with regards to the ALP stance on same-sex marriage, and that the new Gillard administration will wizen up.

It certainly seems like the mood on the ground is one of relief at the change.

Now onto the nominees for Pride 2010 Theme Song. This year, I thought it would be rather appropriate to have artists from the five countries (Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the US) that get major rotation over at this corner of the internet.

Manama – Yellow Stop (Japan)

Gabriella Cilimi – Hearts Don’t Lie (Australia)

Gin Wigmore – Hey Ho (New Zealand)

Scissor Sisters – Fire With Fire (USA)

Which song do you think best captures the LGBT zeitgeist?



  1. Anonymous · June 24, 2010

    >you refer to five countries, but then list only four. perhaps you meant to inclue south korea?at any rate, i don't think the zeitgeist is something that can be identified until the moment has passed. with that caveat, i'll take a wild guess and pick cilimi, though manama and wigmore are strong contenders.

  2. Hikaru · June 25, 2010

    >You caught me out! Actually today will see another 2 contenders added to the mix.

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