>Monday Jukebox Talks Fashion and Electropop


The comeback is not just lurching, it’s coming so fast I can feel it breathing down my neck.

But it isn’t here yet. (And after what Penny Wong said, my opinion gun is locked and loaded.)

No, today it’s another jukebox. Another Korean jukebox in fact.

I have no problem admitting that I like electropop, but as innovative as it can be…

…its success creates some shoddy imitators.

Se7en, for example has come back with a somewhat disappointing song, and even worse, either he and/or his management has seriously pissed off the costume department.

I am far from a fashionista, but everyone in that video looks like they are dressed in rejects from a Devo video.

And then there’s the new one from [god, I hate typing their daft name] SHINee. Ring Ding Dong wasn’t profoundly ground-shattering, but it wasn’t dross either. This time around they have a song called Lucifer (interesting lyrical theme) and outfits last seen from when The Village People went New Wave or the cinematic clunker The Apple. I think they must’ve pissed off the costume department too.

Shiny indeed.



  1. Anonymous · July 26, 2010

    >i like the first video, but i couldn't get past the highly electronized voices of the next two (please wake me when the electronic voice fad is over) and i think the last video was over-choreographed (to the point that it seemed like a dance routine in search of a song).

  2. joven · July 29, 2010

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