>Running Scared of the Churches…in Australia?

>Granted ever since Mark Latham started riding the crazy train, I generally ignore everything he says, but he has come clean on why he did support the ban on same-sex marriage during the Howard era: he was afraid of parish priests.

In one of the most non-churchgoing countries in the Western World?
Still, as the GayNZ.com article posits, what’s Julia’s excuse? She’s an atheist and open about it, so the religious argument doesn’t hold much water with her already being PM.


  1. Anonymous · August 16, 2010

    >my theory is that she's upset with the gays for giving her such an awful hairstyle and refusing to fix it.

  2. Hikaru · August 16, 2010

    >Hahaha! Given that Julia's partner is a hairdresser that puts a whole Oprah-Stedman spin on the issue. Brilliant!

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