>A Long Time Between Drinks

>Well, it’s been over a month since I’ve updated this corner of the Internet, and the main reason why is not laziness, but concern for my company.

I could easily state that “my opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect my employer,”as you often see on many blogs or Twitter pages, but there’s a bit of an interesting twist when one is one’s own employer and responsible not just for oneself but the livelihood of many, ergo, I’ve opted not to say anything. (Believe you me, my tongue is now very swollen from all the biting.)
Next year, I will be launching (after much clearance with what I can and cannot say) a new Hikaruland, which will have a new title (also befitting my relocation to Melbourne).
For now, I would invite everyone to take a look at the 5 year run of Hikaruland, and please feel free to share your favourite posts.
It’s a new decade ahead, and I reckon it’s going to be a cracker.

One comment

  1. Anonymous · December 31, 2010

    >happy new year and good luck with the relaunched blog.

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