The Charlie Sheen Complex

Is Charlie Sheen crazy? Or is he just so media savvy that we just think (or thought–since he has pretty much disappeared off of Australian news) he is.

Actually, I think he is media savvy and so insulated in media that he can’t think straight. There’s media symbolism in his “goddesses,” (women of “ill repute,” a Marijuana pin-up model and a porn actress), his past drug use, present alleged “non-drug use,” and even his rambling–which, remember the man is not just a decent actor, but quite a good one–which is so over-the-top clichéd, you can hear him winking.

I think he really knows what he’s doing–hell, anyone who’s seen Network can see the likely Howard Beale ending, but he’s completely unaware of the Pandora’s box he’s opened.

It’s interesting viewing, but it also points towards something that I find disturbing in modern society: living one’s life purely for media dissemination. It’s the ultimate result of a world where every other day there is a new YouTube baby/pet clip, a new meme which becomes another ironic reference for the 18-34 hipster crowd. We want to live our lives where everything we do is worth comment by the thousands.

And yet ultimately we become footnotes, even Charlie Sheen.


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