Eurovision 2011: Early Favourites Jukebox

Two old Hikaruland favourites are back: the jukebox and my take on Eurovision. How better to combine the two, but in this post.

First off, Italy is back. Unfortunately, the song is a bit weak, saved by the fact that it’s partly in Italian and a jazz song.

The best of the Big 5? The United Kingdom, this year represented by Blue (yes, that boy band):

Germany has decided  that if Lena with a song in nonsensical English won last year, well why not try it again?

Of the rest, Serbia is my personal favourite as I’m a total sucker for jazz-pop. (Be afraid, there’s a Japanese Soul/Funk jukebox coming soon)

Croatia was pretty decent in Croatian, but translated into abysmal English.

WordPress has been chomping at the bit for me to tip Dana International (Yes, she’s back too), but while her song is decent dance-pop, it’s not all that memorable.

And there are some absolute horrors this year. Witness Norway (seriously, we get it Norway, you’re multicultural, but did you have to choose such an inane song).

and the perpetually oblivious (especially to English grammar) Belarus

I’m thinking this is the year Western Europe proves that its been taking notes over the past decade.


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