The Hikaru Era of The Full Catastrophe

And here’s me with four hours until on-air.

To do a solo show is terrifying and also completely liberating, because the whole thing rests on your shoulders and skills or lack there of. Even the first radio show that I remember listening to on a regular basis, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, pretty much had 3 other people sharing the studio with Steve.

Today at 9pm AEST (or your local equivalent) is the first of 5 solo editions of The Full Catastrophe on JOY94.9 that I am doing while Andy Bell is on his around-the-world trip.

Now if you’re outside of Inner Melbourne you can listen to JOY94.9 via the free and very easy to use app.

Seriously, it’s very easy and frankly it would be a good relief to just know that someone is out there listening.

I totally encourage all you to also keep your browsers on The Full Catastrophe blog, as it’ll be even more interactive!


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