THE 全日本 i Svenska Melodi 歌祭り Pre-festival: Ann Lewis

In the run up to THE 全日本 i Svenska Melodi 歌祭り (the All Japan & Swedish song festival) on The Full Catastrophe this Saturday on JOY94.9, I’m going to put a bit of a spotlight of artists that I wish I could include on Saturday’s festivities but due to run time can’t.

Today’s feature: Ann Lewis.

Born to an Anglo-American father and Japanese mother, Ann started out as a cookie cutter pop idol in the early 1970s, briefly (as in 1 album) flirted with disco and then she went full-tilt rock. Around the early 2000s, Ann pretty much lost the desire to sing and perform, and started having panic attacks. These days she lives a relatively quiet life in California, though she has made the occasional foray into the recording studio.

Here’s one of her big hits from the 1 disco album, Boogie Woogie Train of Love:

And when Ann turned to rock, she pretty much–in my humble opinion–set the standard for female rock singers in Japan.


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