An Open Letter To Mediaworks about TV3

Most likely this email will get filed and never read, but in the hopes that it might get read, I wanted to write this.

Frankly, you guys at TV3, are in a golden age of programming decisions, as far as I am concerned.

Now, you may not know me from Adam, but I’m an American-born Australian-based media journalist (TV is my speciality), and have been in the field since 2005.

I started out my career in New York, doing a lot of freelance work for Viacom & CBS.

I’m not saying this to strut my stuff, but because the current crop of original TV3 shows is some of the most interesting, entertaining, and boundary breaking shows I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

Having just heard that Mediaworks has gone into receivership and planning a restructure, I just want to encourage you to not tinker with your slate of shows. (I know you’ve said there will be no changes in programming, but business promises aren’t always reflected in reality.) In fact, I think TV3 in particular has got programming that can really do the business overseas if you try it.

While Outrageous Fortune was a niche hit in Australia and the US remake was, well, not even that. I think that shouldn’t deter you from letting more of the world see your shows in their original format.

I’d particularly single out Jono & Ben At Ten, a show which frankly, Hamish & Andy and their Gap Year Caravan of Blandness could only aspire to. This is the sort of show which could really be popular on both sides of the Tasman, as well as on North American cable and UK digital.

You’ve got interesting personalities galore. You’ve got smart writing and production teams. Frankly, you’ve got everything TV wonks like myself salivate for. It’s time to let the rest of the world in on your secret.


Hikaru Freeman



  1. Hamish Downie · October 29, 2013

    What ended up happening to TV3?

    • hikarufreeman · October 30, 2013

      Still rather up in the air, but they did lose rights to Home & Away, but no word so far on overseas sales, which is a shame.

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