Playlist for WorldWideWave 1 February: Australia Part Two

Here are the songs featured on tonight’s show:

Dannii Minogue – I Can’t Sleep At Night

Kylie Minogue – Better Than Today

See you next month! And in the meantime, mosey on over to JOYEurovision!


Playlist for WorldWideWave, 25 January: Australia

Songs from our own patch, as they used to say on Blue Heelers. Happy Australia Day.

Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky

Anthony Callea – Oh Oh Oh Oh

Riva featuring Dannii Minogue – Who Do You Love Now?

Natalie Imbruglia – Want (Live)

Ricki-Lee – Raining Diamonds

Next week, WorldWideWave begins a month of special shows highlighting “Difficult countries” for LGBT. Behind the smiles as they say…

Playlist for WorldWideWave 11 January: Norway

Lars Vaular – Rett Opp Og Ned (live)

The official music video for “Rett Opp og Ned” is here. Warning: The video features intense imagery.

Annie – Chewing Gum

Superstars featuring Nora BrockstedtVoi Voi

Odd is being a bit skittish about his “Secret Love,”so here’s the original by Doris Day.

Röyksopp – Follow My Ruin

Odd Børre – Stress (a “redesigned” live version. Warning: strobe light effects at the beginning and end.)

Sondre Lerche (cousin to Lars Vaular) – Like Lazenby (live)

Next week: It’s a coming home for us at The Wave. Perhaps this might be a hint:

or this:

one final clue:

Playlist for World Wide Waves 28 December: The Netherlands

It wouldn’t be a Wednesday night/Thursday morning without some visual stimuli from W3, wouldn’t it?

(Wednesday nights on JOY 94.9 at 11pm AEDT)

From the land of William of Orange!
Sandra & Andres: Als Het Om De Liefde Gaat

Bløf – Alles Is Liefde

Gerard Joling – Ik Leef Mijn Droom

Gordon – Niemand Lacht Zoals Jij

Gerard Joling – Hou Je Morgen Nog Steeds Van Mij

Gordon – Echte Liefde

Gerard Joling – Shangri-La (as performed for Eurovision)

Ruth Jacott – Vrede (as performed for Eurovision)

Xandra – Colorado (as performed for Eurovision)

Ruth Jacott – Vrij Met Mij (look out for Ted Ballieu on Percussion!)

Ruth Jacott – Ik Ga Door

Bonus: Ruth Jacott & Edsilia Rombley – Uit Het Oog Niet Uit Mijn Hart

World Wide Waves will be back in 2012. Our first stop on 4 January: The Philippines.

Playlist for World Wide Waves Germany 21 December

Joy Fleming – Ein Lied kann eine Brücke sein (Live from Eurovision 1975)

Ingrid Peters – Afrika (remix)

Mary Roos – Wir Fahr’n Achterbahn (Live mit extra Mary)

Lena – Satellite (live from the 2011 Eurovision, this particular remake is rather impressive)

Schnuffel feat. Michael Wendler – Häschenparty (WARNING: This song may rot your teeth and ears)

Lena – Taken By A Stranger (Live..and very weird)

Nina Hagen – Immer Lauter (Lifeball Version)

Die Fantastistich Vier – Einfach Sein

Sarah Connor – Under My Skin

Ross Antony & Paul Reeves – Don Giovanni

Tune in next week for our last show of 2011! Where are we going to?

World Wide Waves Playlist for 14 December: Israel

Curious about the songs played on tonight’s World Wide Waves Israel show? Here’s the (all-LGBT artist) playlist complete with visuals:

Dana International – Maganuna

The Young Professionals – 20 Seconds

Dana International – At The Lowest Part of Tel Aviv

Harel Skaat – Milim

Dana International – Ding Dong

Yehonathan – Turn On Your Lights

Ivri Lider – Striped Shirt

The Young Professionals – D.I.S.C.O (I love the Freddie Mercury-esque dancer)

Yehonathan – My Turn

Ivri Lider – Australian Traveler