First of the Year

2012 for me will be a year of looking forward. Never before can I recall feeling so optimistic.

(And it’s not just residual good feelings from the Eurovision chats with Andrew Bell.)

Perhaps setting the tone has been…Hold on, I might be contradicting myself there. I’ll clarify:

Let this be a year where we embrace good things with very little reservation. Where we assume the best of humanity and the best of ourselves, because well, we all are rather great. All of us.


My Name is Hikaru…I’m Ruthless

I tend to be the sort of person that believes in big bombastic entrances that visually and aurally attack the senses, in other words, I believe in the classic big opening number.

For those who used to follow Hikaruland, I think Hikaru Blue will be a pleasant shift in tone. How so? Well, doing opening number honours is Ann Lewis. (Who’s Ann Lewis?)