The Full Final Hi-Katastrophe Catastrophe – 2 February 2013

My last solo show on The Full Catastrophe on JOY 94.9


Thank you very much, Andy!


The Full Final Hi-Katastrophe Catastrophe – 2 February 2013.


The Full Saturday Smile and Partial Catastrophe

Men in lederhosen

Men in lederhosen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In probably the most ambitious edition of The Full Catastrophe on JOY94.9 so far, Andy Bell and myself gave the first hour to The Saturday Smile Show…and managed to recover ourselves for the Partial Catastrophe.

It’s a 52 minute podcastravangaza and you can listen and download it here.

And yes, true to my word, I am now on the hunt for lederhosen and visual verification of me wearing it during next week’s show will be provided.

And finally, and most importantly, thank you.

Where You’ll Find Me Every Saturday

I’ve been honoured to be part of The Full Catastrophe with Andy Bell on JOY94.9 for 10 shows now.

The Full Catastrophe, or TFC, airs every Saturday at 9pm here in Melbourne, 12n in the UK, 7am in New York, and 6am in Milwaukee. Alas it’s only on your radio dial if you live in Metro Melbourne, but via the free JOY app for iOS and Android, you can listen to it anywhere with no fuss nor muss.

And get this! We podcast it now, so every day can be Fully Catastrophic! You can pick up the podcasts at our lovely Podcast central on Podomatic.

And the playlists and musings can always be found on our blog: The Full Catastrophe