Saturday Jukebox Catches Up

There’s been quite a few videos I’ve stumbled across during my hiatus. Hopefully this jukebox will bring y’all up to speed.

First up, Bardot. Australia’s most successful girlband ever. So successful that Australia hasn’t even tried to do band pop ever since.

Now, most of the world outside of North America knows Kylie Minogue’s first hit was “I Should Be So Lucky,”  which was covered here quite well by Kanako Wada (who is best known for singing a slew of theme songs for Kimagure Orange Road). Hard to believe this was almost 25 years ago!

Ann Lewis has become a bit of a mascot of hikarublue,  so I have to feature her again. This clip from 1994 features her and Keisuke Kuwata singing a very serviceable version of “I Shot the Sheriff” (take note of Ann’s improvising at the end).

Since this is a retro-jukebox, let’s go back all the way to 1983 and the amazing Motown 25 reunion TV show where DeBarge (hands up if you remember them) and High Inergy (Am I one of the few people who remember them?) did this impressive medley. The dancing during Can’t Stop is quite impressive, the faces the male members of DeBarge pull during the transition are quite unintentionally hilarious as well.