Political love & hate in Australia

I have found that Australians have a very peculiar relationship to politics, at least to my eyes.

In this country, voting (or at least showing up at the polling place) is mandatory. Coming from a country where voting apathy gave us 12 years of right wing dictatorship-lite, I see this as a good thing. My fianc√© often mentions about how Australia is the most over-governed country on Earth, yet, every time I explain to him as well as other Australians about how the vast majority of the US is composed of 4 levels of government (Federal, State, County, Municipal), each with their own ability to tax and regulate, the Australian system suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

Perhaps this love-hate relationship with politics stems from the quixotic relationship Australia has with whinging. Australians hate whinging to the point that they whinge about whinging. It gives them a degree of comfort that it would be safe to assume that annoyances are secretly lauded.

Just food for thought.


The Mercury Retrograde We Had To Have

Has it been a rough April for you? Well, it’s been decent for me save for: the stress eating, calling 000 more times than I have ever in my life, the insults, the cowering in the corner, the threats of suicide, and threats of eviction and repatriation either in this world or the next.

I can honestly say this has been one of the most emotionally-charged Mercury Retrograde periods that I’ve ever experienced. Yet, it’s also been one of the most critical ones that I’ve ever experienced. My relationship has gone through a stress test like no other. The end result is that we’re still together, but one of us has finally realised the many plus year family trait he’s repeating and seeking help.

Quite sadly, help for those whose want it over a long 5 day weekend is non-existent. Still, today is the last public holiday and Mercury has started moving forward, so I can only hope that help is only hours away.*

* Not that we should ignore this cruel gap caused by public holidays. It’s not like domestic crisis all of a sudden realises that it’s Easter/Anzac Day and doesn’t happen.