The ALP Leadership spill in Eurovision Terms

Fun fact: This also pretty much explains Belarus’s decisions in 2005 and this year…or at least is a very reasoned guess.



Peculiar ALPine Dream

I’m writing this shortly after waking up from a most peculiar dream. I dreamt about the Labor Party (aka the ALP, and yes, apparently here the party has no “u,” while the noun does).

I was dreaming that I was watching some Mississippian* comedian doing a show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

*I have no idea why I dreamt of a Mississippian comedian. Perhaps that accent is just funny full stop.

He proceeded to do a bit wherein he imagined Kristina Keneally as Prime Minister. The audience laughed out loud. He then got further into it and imagined Julia Gillard (pronouncing it without difficulty—et tu, Oprah?) as Premier of Victoria. He did a good Julia imitation involving the not-even-yet filmed Kath & Kim movie that went down a storm.

Audience now pissing their collective pants, the Comedian gave some interesting food for thought: in this future, both of the women had broken ranks with the Right Wing of Labor: “The Right Wing of a Left-Wing party? Sounds like it should have as much influence as a zit does on your ability to walk.”

Makes sense, doesn’t?