Before 40

The age of 40 is a touchstone, albeit an awkward one. 30 is still seen as the dividing line between supposed youth and supposed adulthood. (A look over at Hikaruland might prove that debatable), and 50 means you’ve lived half a century. 40, I reckon means that you should’ve cast off those last vestiges of youth and become a full-fledged adult.


Now why is my 36 year old self pondering 40?

Well, much as how people talk about “Bucket Lists,” I’ve been coming up with a “40 List” of experiences I’d like to have before I hit middle adulthood.

  1. Spend a month in Uruguay or Chile learning Spanish. 
  2. Interview Ben Cousins and tell him in person that his story saved my life.
  3. Visit Mississippi, in particular the area where my father grew up and also visit Jackson (the state capital) to acknowledge my great great cousin Blanche Kelso Bruce (1st Black US Senator to serve an entire term).   (Jessie Mae Hemphill, a blues performer from the area of Mississippi my father’s family is from.)
  4. Find out more about the Irish & Choctaw sides of my family.
  5. See another openly gay NRL player play and succeed professionally.
  6. Visit Australia outside of the East Coast.
  7. See one of my plays performed.
  8. Visit Quai d’Orsay (the home of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  9. Get married. (The child aspect, is, as per family tradition, going to happen after 40.)
  10. Finally become an Australian citizen (though not until after #6)
  11. Become an advocate for a healthy body image amongst gay men.

So that’s 11 experiences within 4 years. Hopefully it’s doable.


That Election 2012 in a Nutshell

So there’s a Mormon, a Texan with good hair, Anita Bryant II, and two black guys.

And the two black guys are the most sane. (That’s how much That Place is freaked about by Mormons and apparently Texans and bigots now.)

And even more bizarre the one that manages to actually make sense and has actually managed to do something for That Place?

His middle name is Hussein (and everyone who voted for him saw his whole name on the ballot), and there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s going to win and that we should all stop listening to the GOP debates until after their convention.

ImageThe way the local media down here are going about it, it almost sounds like they are shocked that he’s still the likely winner.

That Place is in dire economic straits. Part of the reason why is that the GOP congress is intentionally screwing over the country for political purposes. Furthermore, That Place’s political system is intentionally designed to move slower than molasses, so when we have a president from one party and another one in charge of congress it’s dead lock and everyone suffers.

Just ask France (their system is extremely similar).

I’m more worried about who’s going to run the country in 2016, especially since there’s no way in hell Biden is going to run.