The Full Final Hi-Katastrophe Catastrophe – 2 February 2013

My last solo show on The Full Catastrophe on JOY 94.9


Thank you very much, Andy!


The Full Final Hi-Katastrophe Catastrophe – 2 February 2013.


My New Year’s

JOY at Tropical Fruits 2012I had the great honour of being asked by JOY 94.9 to co-present their New Year’s Eve coverage from the Tropical Fruits festival in Lismore, NSW.

There are so many fun and interesting insights about the experience, so much, that I’d much rather direct you to the podcast.

Both myself and Gillian were featured in the local regional newspaper, The Northern Star.

Fruitful move boosts buzz about festival | Northern Star.

The Best of The Boxing Day Affair

Boxing Day at Eaton Center

Boxing Day at Eaton Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I honestly had so much fun doing this that I wish every day was Boxing Day.

On behalf of Generation X & Y Americans, I got our own back on those evil Emergency Broadcast System tests.

There’s my take on when you most definitely shouldn’t have a rap break. (Hint: I did a Post-Mortem about it)

Lots of political laughs and eye-opening thoughts with Westralians Rod Swift and Mel, and secession is only the tip of the iceberg.

So much was packed into The Boxing Day Affair on JOY 94.9, that only the best could make through to the podcast.

Special guest voice: Jean Chretien

Enjoy: The Best of The Boxing Day Affair podcast