Friday Jukebox Says Let’s Go

A bit of a fanboy post here. I love Original Love, which is effectively just one person: Takao Tajima.

To love Original Love is to love someone who reinvents even their classic hits. Here’s an example with the song Let’s Go.

This is a live performance in 1999. (the performance starts at 1:36)

This is a live performance in 2006.

Cannot find the original studio version of Let’s Go online but in lieu of that here’s an impressive performance of Original Love’s hit Scandal

…and the video to the really big hit Kiss
オリジナル・ラヴ / 接吻 -KISS- by jrapaka3


Wednesday Jukebox Wonders If There’s A Darwin Sound?

Sometimes you hear a song and the combination of the beat, rhythm, and lyrics just captures your own personal zeitgeist in a such a intoxicating way. This is one of them.

Sietta is a Darwin-based duo and if this is the sound of Darwin (well plus Ms. Mauboy)…I like.

Sunday Jukebox Is An Insominiac

I have no problems admitting that this particular jukebox is due to insomnia. Still, from lack of sleep some interesting things might come about. For instance, I had no idea that anyone had covered (and would even dare to cover) The Gap Band’s Early In The Morning, but yes, someone did. That someone? Robert Palmer.

Compare the two.

The rather happy and carefree Gap Band original from 1982:

The dark and introspective Robert Palmer cover from 1988

Monday Jukebox Stays at Hotel Twilight

Many apologies for the post drought between the end of March and now, but it’s [American] tax season and I’m doing my civic duty.

Yes, I’m a bit of a goody-two-shoes.

Anyway, here’s a nice discovery I’ve come across during the late night tabulations: the singer Yuko Imai, who apparently joined in the  whole jazz-pop wave that I identify strongly with Swing Out Sister. This is the video for her song Hotel Twilight, released in 1989.  It features all the mod cons of a Swing Out Sister video, including the Yuko and her backing band dancing in a line.


Saturday Jukebox Catches Up

There’s been quite a few videos I’ve stumbled across during my hiatus. Hopefully this jukebox will bring y’all up to speed.

First up, Bardot. Australia’s most successful girlband ever. So successful that Australia hasn’t even tried to do band pop ever since.

Now, most of the world outside of North America knows Kylie Minogue’s first hit was “I Should Be So Lucky,”  which was covered here quite well by Kanako Wada (who is best known for singing a slew of theme songs for Kimagure Orange Road). Hard to believe this was almost 25 years ago!

Ann Lewis has become a bit of a mascot of hikarublue,  so I have to feature her again. This clip from 1994 features her and Keisuke Kuwata singing a very serviceable version of “I Shot the Sheriff” (take note of Ann’s improvising at the end).

Since this is a retro-jukebox, let’s go back all the way to 1983 and the amazing Motown 25 reunion TV show where DeBarge (hands up if you remember them) and High Inergy (Am I one of the few people who remember them?) did this impressive medley. The dancing during Can’t Stop is quite impressive, the faces the male members of DeBarge pull during the transition are quite unintentionally hilarious as well.

Eurovision 2011: Early Favourites Jukebox

Two old Hikaruland favourites are back: the jukebox and my take on Eurovision. How better to combine the two, but in this post.

First off, Italy is back. Unfortunately, the song is a bit weak, saved by the fact that it’s partly in Italian and a jazz song.

The best of the Big 5? The United Kingdom, this year represented by Blue (yes, that boy band):

Germany has decided  that if Lena with a song in nonsensical English won last year, well why not try it again?

Of the rest, Serbia is my personal favourite as I’m a total sucker for jazz-pop. (Be afraid, there’s a Japanese Soul/Funk jukebox coming soon)

Croatia was pretty decent in Croatian, but translated into abysmal English.

WordPress has been chomping at the bit for me to tip Dana International (Yes, she’s back too), but while her song is decent dance-pop, it’s not all that memorable.

And there are some absolute horrors this year. Witness Norway (seriously, we get it Norway, you’re multicultural, but did you have to choose such an inane song).

and the perpetually oblivious (especially to English grammar) Belarus

I’m thinking this is the year Western Europe proves that its been taking notes over the past decade.