Playlist for WorldWideWave 11 January: Norway

Lars Vaular – Rett Opp Og Ned (live)

The official music video for “Rett Opp og Ned” is here. Warning: The video features intense imagery.

Annie – Chewing Gum

Superstars featuring Nora BrockstedtVoi Voi

Odd is being a bit skittish about his “Secret Love,”so here’s the original by Doris Day.

Röyksopp – Follow My Ruin

Odd Børre – Stress (a “redesigned” live version. Warning: strobe light effects at the beginning and end.)

Sondre Lerche (cousin to Lars Vaular) – Like Lazenby (live)

Next week: It’s a coming home for us at The Wave. Perhaps this might be a hint:

or this:

one final clue:


Playlist for World Wide Waves 4 January: The Philippines

Pop Girls – Let’s Go To The Mall

Aiza Seguerra – If We Try

Eraserheads – Ligaya (Live)

Jaya – Me My Man & I

VST & Company – Disco Fever

Aiza Seguerra – Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal

Piolo Pascual – Sana Ikaw

XLR8 – I Wish Lang

KYLA – Don’t Tie Me Down

Parokya Ni Edgar – Silvertoes


And a special teaser for next week’s show:

Playlist for World Wide Waves 28 December: The Netherlands

It wouldn’t be a Wednesday night/Thursday morning without some visual stimuli from W3, wouldn’t it?

(Wednesday nights on JOY 94.9 at 11pm AEDT)

From the land of William of Orange!
Sandra & Andres: Als Het Om De Liefde Gaat

Bløf – Alles Is Liefde

Gerard Joling – Ik Leef Mijn Droom

Gordon – Niemand Lacht Zoals Jij

Gerard Joling – Hou Je Morgen Nog Steeds Van Mij

Gordon – Echte Liefde

Gerard Joling – Shangri-La (as performed for Eurovision)

Ruth Jacott – Vrede (as performed for Eurovision)

Xandra – Colorado (as performed for Eurovision)

Ruth Jacott – Vrij Met Mij (look out for Ted Ballieu on Percussion!)

Ruth Jacott – Ik Ga Door

Bonus: Ruth Jacott & Edsilia Rombley – Uit Het Oog Niet Uit Mijn Hart

World Wide Waves will be back in 2012. Our first stop on 4 January: The Philippines.

World Wide Waves Playlist for 14 December: Israel

Curious about the songs played on tonight’s World Wide Waves Israel show? Here’s the (all-LGBT artist) playlist complete with visuals:

Dana International – Maganuna

The Young Professionals – 20 Seconds

Dana International – At The Lowest Part of Tel Aviv

Harel Skaat – Milim

Dana International – Ding Dong

Yehonathan – Turn On Your Lights

Ivri Lider – Striped Shirt

The Young Professionals – D.I.S.C.O (I love the Freddie Mercury-esque dancer)

Yehonathan – My Turn

Ivri Lider – Australian Traveler

My Other Side

2008 Pride March, St. Kilda, Victoria.

Image via Wikipedia

Longtime readers of this little corner of the Internet may have noticed that I’ve been a bit cagey about some of my work recently. Well, I think it’s safe to say that I can let the proverbial cat a little bit out of the bag: I’ve been a member of the white collar crowd, quite unexpectedly, over the past year.

It has fortunately come to somewhat of a close recently, and it’s been quite a journey. A journey in more ways than one, as I will be talking about my life as an unexpected business traveller on JOY 94.9 this Christmas Eve at 12 noon. If you’re not in Melbourne, you can listen online via the website or via JOY’s smartphone app.

I’ll be talking how I’ve been treated nicely and not so nicely by airlines and customs officers (including US ones), why I gave in and finally flew a Middle Eastern airline (and regretted it), that lovely subject of profiling, why you should always keep your e-ticket on you (even at Disneyland Paris) and many other stories (including some hilarious ones from my late mother).

By the way, 12pm Saturday 24 December in Melbourne translates as:

10am Saturday 24 December Tokyo
1am Saturday 24 December GMT
8pm Friday 23 December New York (EST)
7pm Friday 23 December Milwaukee (CST)
5pm Friday 23 December Los Angeles (PST)

And remember there’s also World Wide Waves, the little late night LGBT Global news and views show that I co-present on JOY 94.9 every Wednesday night at 11pm Melbourne. I’m a little more strait-laced on The Wave, but only just a little.

Tune in!