Playlist for WorldWideWave 1 February: Australia Part Two

Here are the songs featured on tonight’s show:

Dannii Minogue – I Can’t Sleep At Night

Kylie Minogue – Better Than Today

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Playlist for WorldWideWave, 25 January: Australia

Songs from our own patch, as they used to say on Blue Heelers. Happy Australia Day.

Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky

Anthony Callea – Oh Oh Oh Oh

Riva featuring Dannii Minogue – Who Do You Love Now?

Natalie Imbruglia – Want (Live)

Ricki-Lee – Raining Diamonds

Next week, WorldWideWave begins a month of special shows highlighting “Difficult countries” for LGBT. Behind the smiles as they say…

Martin Luther King Jr. Post 2012: Being

Happy Birthday Dr. King

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X meet bef...

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At this time every year, I try to examine how we are going in achieving the late Dr. King’s dream. When I lived in New York, I was quite cynical (and evidence of my viewpoint is on full display in the archives of this corner of the internet), but resolutely optimistic.

Now, to be frank with you, I am more optimistic than cynical.

To some it may seem like living away from the US, I would forget about what Dr. King and Coretta Scott King envisioned, but I haven’t. In fact in all honesty, I’ve put in even more into perspective.

Within my grandfather’s life: He saw and felt his ex-slave father and himself endure the harsh brunt of Jim Crow in Mississippi, the subtle racism of the North, and his son serve twice in a desegregated military, which was not even a remote possibility when he was his age.

Within my mother’s life: She saw her home state of Virginia transformed from being a legally segregated state to being one of the first states to elect a Black governor in the 20th Century. She attended the March on Washington. She built one of the first companies to help make sure that the Civil Rights Act did live up to its promise of an America for all Americas. She saw her great great uncle, Senator Blanche Kelso Bruce, go from apocryphal family story to being the subject of  a New York Times Best-selling biography. She saw the first ever Black president of the United States elected.

Within my own life: I have seen that same Black president say that LGBT rights are worth fighting for and protecting Worldwide.

I can only wonder with great hope and great optimism what a beautiful world I will have the honour of seeing.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 18 January at 11pm AEDT/7am US EST. I have the honour to be a part of a programme on JOY94.9, WorldWideWave. While we’ve been fortunate to cover many countries on WorldWideWave, we will be covering the US for the first time ever. It is a homecoming for me, and it’s an emotional one. Privately, I have shed tears of nostalgia and tears of joy.

The ability to see yourself reflected in your own country is one that throughout my family’s life was one denied to them, and I, like many other LGBT Black Americans can say that now I see myself as being part of America, no matter where I am. For I am as proudly Black as I am proudly Gay. I am as proudly American as I am proudly Australian.  They are all part of me and I see myself as part of them. They all make me proud to be.